Meghalaya Tourism: 12 best places to visit in Meghalaya !!

Have you been to a place amidst clouds before? Yes, then you must be very much aware of Meghalaya tourism and what it’s offering?

This is my first blog and I’m committing this to all the explorers out there who endlessly dream to wander.

A trip to Meghalaya is on every avid traveller’s wishlist. As the name implies, Meghalaya is normally “a Clouds domicile” and locals would refer as “Abode of Clouds”.

Meghalaya is hands down one of the magnificent places to visit in northeast India. The beauty oozes out from every corner and it will be the best soul treat for the visitors. And the best time to visit Meghalaya is from August to February,

To cover the whole part of Meghalaya touching Shillong, you would need a week at the least. And the mode of transport you choose plays the primary role in any journey. I preferred to go by bike and hired a Himalayan from the locals to traverse Assam and Meghalaya Tourism belt.

Would you ever wonder to go on a road trip fully geared up with that roaring sound hearing out all over your mind? Seriously, my friend, you will be in heaven. Those stretches, curves, bents, beach roads – it’ll literally induce you to move forward and forward.

So initially I thought of covering all normal Meghalaya Tourism places but then I took the other way around like a round trip and ;

Guwahati – Shillong – Laitlum – Krangsuri falls – Shnongpdeng – Dawki River – Mawlynnong – Cherrapunji – Nongtrai – Shillong – Guwahati

Meghalaya Tourism
Drive to Shillong

Itinerary For Meghalaya Tourism :

Day 1: Guwahati to Shillong

  • Shillong is situated 100 km away from Guwahati. I got a chance to sight Umiam lake while passing by. It was a reservoir built by the Assam government to store water for electricity. A perfect invite for a pleasant journey.
  • “Scotland of the East” was well known by most of the individuals, named based on the love they manifest towards their nature, culture, and belief considering the essence of life.
  • It was such an alluring eve to step into the Police bazaar – A market where people gather to spend their leisure time to eat, shop, drink, fun and whatnot!
Umiam Lake

Day 2: Shillong – Laitlum – Krangsuri falls – Bangladesh border – Shnongpdeng

Laitlum Canyons – 5km from Shillong; Though it was off-road, the atmosphere would keep indulged to spot the actual beauty. It’s a deep narrow dale, fog greeted with its presence surrounded all over the place. The best time to visit is at the dawn of each day.

Laitlum Canyons

Krangsuri Waterfall – 90km from Laitlum; It’s a 20 min walk down the woods, my inner child frolicked as I’ve witnessed the falls from the top. The drizzles were dancing with the movement, showering whomsoever set afoot right in front of the spot.

Krangsuri Falls

Bangladesh Border – 35km from Krangsuri road; an international gateway to get into Bangladesh. You can sight the flag hoisting ceremony if you’re visiting the border by evening.

Shnongpdeng – Just 5 km away from the border; I would say it’s a “Hidden island” but for the people who wish to stray for a while. The places encompassed two mountain streams united together forming a bigger one that flows to Dawki. You can sit on the small boulders next to the river and just enjoy the scenes by not giving any second thought. Also, you can visit the hanging bridge connecting both the mountains to pass and relish the moment. We had a chance to stay at Shnongpdeng, booked a tent placed along the banks of the river.


Day 3: Shnongpdeng – Dawki river – Mawlynnong village

Dawki River – 9km from Shnongpdeng; Otherwise called as “Umngot river” which is India’s cleanest river, one can see the pebbles lying underneath. The floating boats gave the impression that they were sailing on a glass surface. It’s a hotbed of tourist activities during spring and monsoon months and the temperatures remain pleasant throughout the year.

Dawki River

Mawlynnong village – 30km from Dawki river; The village which has been, being and will be one of the “Cleanest Village in Asia”. This place offers a trek to a living root bridge, a balancing rock, and a fantabulous viewpoint at village Riwai. The place was well known for its “God’s own garden” where the community has made the collective effort to maintain the ambiance.

Single root bridge, Mawlynnong

Day 4: Cherrapunji – Nongtrai (Double-decker route bridge)

Cherrapunji – It has a native name Sohra and it still holds the world record of “Highest rainfall” every year. You can expect showers anytime, so it’s highly recommended to carry a rain cheater. The roads are the signature to get remembered with, it would not make you stop till you think of taking a halt.


Double-decker route bridge – Here comes the real adventure on the whole Meghalaya Tourism. Beauty lies in getting through hard times and perceiving success. The bridges are tangles of huge thick roots intermingled to hold several people at a time. It was like two trees holding hands to indicate that to experience paradise, investing 4 hrs seems worthwhile. I felt sublime and spent most of my time staring at those bridges.

Double Decker Root Bridge, Nongtrai

Day 5 : Nohkalikai falls – Mawsmai cave – Mot palong park

Nohkalikai falls – 7km from Cherrapunji; It is the fourth highest waterfall in the globe. We can sight only from distance and can go near only to a certain extent. Lower viewpoints of the falls are forbidden since the paths are slippery.

Nohkalikai Falls

Mawsmai cave – 4km from Cherrapunji; The most historical limestone caves in Meghalaya and the best tourism place flocked by visitors in great numbers. The uniqueness is the cave has a spacious opening but it soon squeezed into a narrow path. Visit time: 9 AM – 5 PM.

Maswmai Caves

Mot Palong park – 6km from Cherrapunji; If you want to experience Bangladesh viewpoint along with breathtaking sunsets, straight away drive in through Mot Palong park. It’s a highly underrated place but recommended for the people who love plains and valleys.

On day 6, finally drove back to Guwahati airport for our flight.
As a final note, Whether you are looking for a laid-back break seeking a fascinating and adventurous trip, Meghalaya will not leave you disappointed. It is one of the mystic places where every traveller would love to come back, giving tons of memories that remain for a lifetime.

Stunning view from the stay place

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I hope this article about Meghalaya Tourism is informative and useful. Please leave your feedback and suggestions in the below comment section to discuss other places.

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