13 astonishing Hill Stations Near Bangalore: Best time and tips

Hill stations near bangalore

If you are on this page, can I assume that you are fed up with Bangalore traffic and need a quick little break from it, and if my assumption is right, then you are in the right place. A quality time with your friends or family on the weekends to these hill stations near Bangalore will be a perfect getaway from the hectic schedule.

If you are from Bangalore, consider yourself lucky because there are plenty of hill stations located nearby. 

I personally have visited most of the hill stations mentioned below and trust me all these places are very attractive and a perfect way to relax your mind. 

The best time to visit these hill stations is during the Monsoon or winter season because the hill stations will be lush green, and the weather will be just perfect for trekking and a beautiful photoshoot. 

Here are some of the best hill stations near Bangalore, which will blow your mind with their beauty. 

Best Hill Stations near Bangalore:

Nandi Hills Bangalore

Nandi hills bangalore
Nandi Hills during monsoon

Are you even a Bangalorean if you haven’t been to Nandi Hills? It’s impossible to resist visiting this breathtaking hill station which is around 60 kilometres from Bangalore. 

Just imagine how you feel looking at the puffy cumulus clouds below you scattered in a form of sea waves. I bet you’ll start searching for words to describe and end up getting lost with nature’s creation.

Nandi hills weather will be very pleasant in the morning, and it is one of the best places to watch the sunrise with your loved ones. 

Being a biker, I would suggest you all visit this place by Bike and it is one of the best experiences you could get.   

There is a history behind this hill station; it acquired its name from the statue of Lord Nandi built on the top of the hills. 

Best time to visit:- October to February. 

Tips:- Watch out for monkeys and make sure to close the windows and doors while going along the way. 

Entrance fee:- This might sound funny, it’s only 5 Rs per person. 

Opening and closing time:- 6 am to 10 pm 

Savandurga Hills

Savandurga hills
Savandurga hills, view top

Located 50km from Bangalore, Savandurga hill is one of those isolated places and unbeatable hill stations near Bangalore. Maybe this place was not familiar to me but when I visited I just started falling for it. 

One of the most popular activities explored by many trekkers, and the plus point is there are few activities once you reach the peak. You get to enjoy riding in the zipline, rope course, swimming pool, and kayaking. 

There are two main trekking trails for Savanadurga. One is the Karigudda, and the other is the Billigudda trail. 

Both Karigudda and Billigudda are difficult treks that run vertically up craggy rock faces. 

Billigudda could be a little easier to climb, and therefore the path is well marked, and Karigudda is more durable and less explored.

Best time to visit:- Any time of the year  

Tips:- Visit this place before sunrise because the sun will be bright and that can ruin your experience. 

Entrance fee:-  Rs 450/- per person 

Opening and closing time:- 6 am to 6 pm

Anthargange Hills


Located in the Kolar district, Anthargange is in the Sathashrunga range which is  70km away from Bangalore with an altitude of 1712 meters from sea level.

If you are not looking for a quick getaway, then this is the place you should think about for your weekends. 

This hill station is perfect for friends, family, adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, history buffs, photo fanatics, and pilgrims as well, but the best part is there are many activities in which you can get involved. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? The activities include Rappelling, Rock climbing, and cave explorations.

Best time to visit:- October – March  

Tips:- Carry sunglasses and water so that you don’t get dehydrated.  

Entrance fee:-  No fee  

Opening and closing time:- 6 am to 7 pm 

Skandagiri Hills

Skandagiri Hills
Hazy view of Skandagiri Hills

Everyone must have heard of Skandagiri hills, I guess. Being called Kalavara Durga, it is one of the popular hill stations near Bangalore. It Is visited by many people, not only from India but from different countries. 

It is believed that Skandgiri was once home to a majestic fort built by Tipu Sultan. During the British period, the fort did manage to survive under British governance, and now only a few parts of the fort have been left. There are two temples you can visit, and one is at the bottom of the hill and one at the top. 

The place is heaven for green lovers and the best place for trekking and night camp. With the heavy pass of wind, lying under the stars is one of the best things you should try atleast once in a lifetime.

Best time to visit:- November – March 

Tips:- Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.  

Entrance fee:-  No fee  

Opening and closing time:- Open 24 hours 

Yelagiri hills

Yelagiri hills
Down view, while driving to Yelagiri hills

Rather than call it a hill station, Yelagiri hill is the only nearby hill town located in Tamil Nadu, I know it is a different state overall, but it is just 178km from Bangalore. 

And moreover, it’s kind of a place where tourists often travel to and fro only because of the chill weather. If anyone is heading to Chennai by road, spending an extra hour or two wouldn’t matter to visit this place.

Yelagiri hill is famous for trekkers. The highest point is the Swamimalai Hill, with an altitude of 4,338 ft and spectacular views. The hill provides a good number of trekking trails through thick reserved forests. 

You can also visit this place for the summer festival, which is celebrated every year in the month of May, and it is organized by Tamil Nadu tourism development. Like flower shows, dog shows, cultural programs, and many more. 

Best time to visit:- October – April 

Tips:- click lots and lots of pictures because it is a beautiful place. 

Entrance fee:-  Rs 25/- per person. 

Opening and closing time:- Open 24 hours

Yercaud hill station

Yercaud hill station
Yercaud hill station

A well-known place for mountain addicts and also called an Ooty for the poor, Yercaud hill station sits at an altitude of 4970 ft from sea level. Who knows? Just a 4-hour car journey will end up making unforgettable memories.

You will take the road of woods loaded with silver oak, sandalwood, and teakwood. And if you’re lucky, you might encounter different sorts of wildlife like foxes, snakes, squirrels, deer, bird watching, and many. 

The pile of coffee plants stops you to take a halt bringing the real flavour of rawness and ends up getting you some coffee beans to home. Adding to it, witnessing the cardamom and black pepper plants shows their major vegetation deciding the local’s lifestyle.

Mainly, there will be many tourist spots to check out on Yercaud hill station, if you don’t mind staying two more days, the chances of covering all main places are high.

Best time to visit:- October – April 

Tips:- Carry water bottles and snacks so that you don’t get hungry. 

Entrance fee:- Rs 30/- per person and Rs 50/- for Camera.  

Opening and closing time:- Open 24 hours 

Bisle ghat viewpoint

Bisle ghat viewpoint
Bisle ghat viewpoint

Bisle ghat is located in Hassan district, Sakleshpur, about 245km from Bangalore. Belonging to western ghats, this place offers three mountain ranges: Kumara Parvatha, Pushpagiri, and DoddaBetta. If you’re a person who is obsessed with chasing quietude, then you must visit atleast once. 

All the beauty lies on the viewpoint since the valley connects the Giri River dividing the mountain ranges  

Located 55km from the main city, driving by car/bike would be the best option where you should do a trek for an hour just to reach the top.

Best time to visit:- October – April 

Tips:- watch out for wild animals on the way. 

Entrance fee:-  No entry fee. 

Opening and closing time:- 6 am to 6:30 pm



Coorg tourism, formerly known as “Scotland of India” is one of the popular tourist attractions and has the third highest peak after Tadiyandamol and Brahmagiri. 

Among the available lush meadows, Kotebetta is one of the offbeat hill stations located 255 km from Bangalore and exactly 5 km away from Coorg. 

The name Kotebetta derives from the English word Forthill since the hill resembles the shape of a fort. 

Kotebetta is for amazing trekking opportunities, which is just 10 km away from Hattihole. You can start the trek from the Hattihole and end at the peak.

To enjoy the scenic beauty of the cloudy morning, pleasant weather, start your day early to reach before the sun wakes up.

Best time to visit:- October – March 

Tips:- Always carry first aid in case of emergency.  

Entrance fee:-  No entry fee. 

Opening and closing time:- 6 am to 6 pm

Mullayanagiri peak

Mullayanagiri peak
Driveway to Mullayanagiri peak

An amazing hill station near Bangalore located 267 km away, took only 4 hours. Chikmagalur – the land of coffee, normally attracts a huge number of tourists throughout the year and flocking normally happens just because of the mullayanagiri peak.

People consider it the main attraction because of the fact that it is one of the highest peaks in Karnataka and is situated at a distance of 20 km respectively from the main town Chikmagalur.

Planning is an important part of this journey to be pleasing and peaceful, so plan your Mullayanagiri peak visit in the spring season which is the most recommended and easiest period to travel.

The entire trek is just 3 to 4kms from the starting point, which takes about 3 hours to reach the peak of the mountain. The hill station is a perfect weekend getaway because of the amazing view from the altitude of 1950 meters. 

If you feel exhausted, no worry! Chikmagalur has so many resorts and homestays to halt for a day. And here are some of the homestays to make things easy for you, silver shine homestay, Siya homestay, and TT nature view cottage. The rates are bit cheaper, that too for such a serene environment.

Best time to visit:- September – February 

Tips:- Carry an umbrella incase if it starts to rain and wear a trekking shoe to avoid slipping all the way.   

Entrance fee:-  No entry fee. 

Opening and closing time:- 6 am to 6:30 pm

Kudremukh trek

Kudremukh trek
Kudremukh trek

Do you know what Kudremukh means? It means horse’s face in Kannada. Yet again, this hill station is also located in the west gates of the Chikmagalur district.

The Kudremuk trek is one of the most adventurous and difficult treks to do in entire south India. It is home to many flora and fauna, and also you can spot deer, peacocks, and much other wildlife on the way to the peak.

The place is located 331km from Bangalore, which is about a 6 to 7 hours journey, and the best time to visit this place is during winter or monsoon to enjoy the foggy mountain and enjoy nature.

Reaching the trek starting point is not easy. At first, the trek starts from Mullodi village, which acts as a base camp that is even 15km away from Kalasa. Kalasa is the only accessible town connecting all other nearby villages, Mullodi is typically a forest disconnecting from the world. 

So be an early bird and rent a jeep to reach the forest checkpoint and get permission from the forest officials since only 50 tourists are allowed per day.

Best time to visit:- June – February 

Tips:- Carry an energy drink, empty bottle and umbrella if you aren’t a rain lover. And mostly during monsoon, it is necessary to take any anti-bacteria just to stay away from the leeches.   

Entrance fee:-  600/- per person 

Opening and closing time:- 6 am to 6 pm



Among other hill stations, Kodachadri is located in the Shimoga district, which is 410 km from Bangalore. This hill station is situated within the Mookambika wildlife sanctuary, and it offers a challenge to people to go the extra mile to reach the top.  

Along the way, experiencing the paddy fields, thick forests, waterfalls, grasslands, and an ancient temple will be an eye treat. So don’t miss out.

And the trek is accessible from three base villages. The trek can be done from Nittur or Kattinahole or even from the Vallur side. As said before, always be an early bird and start doing your activity to get the real magic of what this nature could offer.

Best time to visit:- September to January 

Tips:- Carry trekking essentials and first aid kit 

Entrance fee:-  Rs 300/- per person 

Opening and closing time:-  open 24hours

Makalidurga Hills

Stunning sunset from Makalidurga

You can call it a gift or miracle, the unique mention about Makalidurga was that it has a railway station at its base, and it’s the starting point of the trek. Makalidurga is full of legendary history because it is believed that Markandeya Rishi performed penance here.

The distance would cover around 60 km from Bangalore, the same as Nandi hills. Try visiting the temple nearby, before taking up the trek. 

And to access this trek, Tickets are available online or get permission from the forest department, either way, works. 

Best time to visit:- October to March 

Tips:- Travel in your own private vehicle for good exposure. 

Entrance fee:-  Rs 250/- per person 

Opening and closing time:- 6 am to 5:30 pm

Horsley hills

Horsley hills
Horsley hills

No wonder, why people named Horsley Hills “Andra’s Ooty”. A 4 hours journey to drop by and located 148 km from Bangalore, this hill station lies on the border of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. 

The hill is positioned at an altitude of 4321 meters from sea level with unbelievable landscapes. 

Home to many Banyan trees and Eucalyptus trees, you feel like entering into a haunted place with long woods not letting out the bright shades easily, but I loved this place once I have been there. 

Trees are the only reason that makes such surroundings alive, and it is a perfect venue for pre-wedding photoshoots. 

Best time to visit:- December to March

Tips:- Take care of your belongings and drink lots of water. 

Entrance fee:-  no entry fee 

Opening and closing time:- 10 am to 5 pm

Bangalore being blessed with the combination of both nature and techno landscape. All the hill stations near Bangalore are striking and possesses their own essence of charm that one soul should get connected with nature often. 

I hope every detail of hill stations near Bangalore will be helpful. If you are planning to visit these hill stations, I have only one tip for you to drink lots and lots of water because travelling by any means will make you stay dehydrated. 

Do visit these hill stations to relax and to have a great time with your friends or family, and let me know your personal thoughts. 

And also, your feedback builds me into a better person. If you want to know more about different places, I would be more than happy to help you all. 

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