Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.

hodophile tales

Come join in my Raw Journey !!

Travel tame the wild heart

– Hodophiler

A Go-To person and avid traveller who started the journey to explore the real essence of nature. I’m more obsessed with bike riding, photography, and to know more about many places in India which I have no immediate plans to visit.

connect with the nature

Ever felt the eternity of sitting alone in the mountain and glued with nature?

I still remember the moment and realize that there is some internal bond with every shower it pours, boomeranging clouds, kissy wind on my face, and getting away from every other creature on this planet.

It’s not about packing things, gearing up, and getting to distant places to pass your leisure. It’s about missing our soul each time you witness the ultimate truth of real happiness.

Though I go to the same places again, my way of seeing things has changed, and the destinations have never been a problem for me until I standstill.

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